Commit b777d5c5 authored by Marcel Huber's avatar Marcel Huber
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updated indexes used for automated timing tests

parent 866bb77c
......@@ -4,17 +4,18 @@
\c :database :user
create index customers_age on customers(age,lastname,firstname);
create index customers_city on customers(city);
create index customers_income on customers(income);
create index customers_lastname_firstname on customers(lastname,firstname);
create index customers_state on customers(state);
create index orderlines_orderid_orderlineid on orderlines(orderid,orderlineid);
create index orderlines_orderlineid_quantity on orderlines(orderlineid,quantity);
create index products_price on products(price);
create index products_title on products(title);
create index products_using_gist_title_gist_trgm_ops on products using gist(title gist_trgm_ops);
CREATE INDEX customers_age_lastname_firstname ON customers(age,lastname,firstname);
CREATE INDEX customers_city_customerid_income ON customers(city,customerid,income);
CREATE INDEX customers_city_customerid ON customers(city,customerid);
CREATE INDEX customers_income ON customers(income);
CREATE INDEX customers_lastname_firstname ON customers(lastname,firstname);
CREATE INDEX customers_state_lastname_firstname ON customers(state,lastname,firstname);
CREATE INDEX orderlines_orderid_orderlineid ON orderlines(orderid,orderlineid);
CREATE INDEX orderlines_orderlineid_quantity ON orderlines(orderlineid,quantity);
CREATE INDEX products_price_title ON products(price,title);
CREATE INDEX products_title ON products(title);
CREATE INDEX products_using_gist_title_gist_trgm_ops ON products using gist(title gist_trgm_ops);
\c :database postgres
vacuum (analyze);
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