Commit af766904 authored by Lukas Bersinger's avatar Lukas Bersinger
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remove unused icon

parent 4ed99ca4
<vector android:height="24dp" android:tint="#FFFFFF"
android:viewportHeight="24" android:viewportWidth="24"
android:width="24dp" xmlns:android="">
<path android:fillColor="@android:color/white" android:pathData="M11.99,2C6.47,2 2,6.48 2,12s4.47,10 9.99,10C17.52,22 22,17.52 22,12S17.52,2 11.99,2zM12,20c-4.42,0 -8,-3.58 -8,-8s3.58,-8 8,-8 8,3.58 8,8 -3.58,8 -8,8z"/>
<path android:fillColor="@android:color/white" android:pathData="M12.5,7H11v6l5.25,3.15 0.75,-1.23 -4.5,-2.67z"/>
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