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adapted test assertions

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......@@ -232,7 +232,7 @@ def test_SConsiderStaticProgBuildPackage(copy_testdir_to_tmp, pypath_extended_en
assert copy_testdir_to_tmp.join('apps').join('hello').join('config').isdir()
'hello/scripts/', 'hello/bin/hellorunner', 'hello/lib/lib*.so',
'hello/scripts/hello*.sh', 'hello/bin/*hello*', 'hello/lib/lib*.so',
......@@ -313,7 +313,7 @@ def test_WrapperScriptHelpList(copy_testdir_to_tmp, pypath_extended_env, popen_t
assert 2 == excinfo.value.returncode
captured = capfd.readouterr()
assert 'usage: [options]' in captured.out
assert'usage: hello(runner)?\.sh \[options\]', captured.out, re.M) is not None
assert 'where options are:' in captured.out
......@@ -387,4 +387,4 @@ def test_WrapperScriptCommandOverride(copy_testdir_to_tmp, pypath_extended_env,
assert 0 == executor.returncode
captured = capfd.readouterr()
assert'args to command:.*hellorunner', captured.out, re.M) is not None
assert'args to command:.*(bin_hello|hellorunner)', captured.out, re.M) is not None
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