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make: pass shell to sub-make

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.PHONY: all clean dist-clean
export DOCUMENT:=constificator
QPDF:=$(shell command -v qpdf 2>/dev/null)
VENV:=$(shell command -v virtualenv 2>/dev/null)
QPDF=$(shell command -v qpdf 2>/dev/null)
VENV=$(shell command -v virtualenv 2>/dev/null)
.PHONY: all clean dist-clean
all: copy
@echo "Build complete!"
......@@ -12,19 +12,20 @@ all: copy
@echo "Cleaning LaTeX artifacts..."
@$(MAKE) -C latex clean
@$(MAKE) SHELL=$(SHELL) -C latex clean
@echo "Removing generated PDF files..."
@rm -f generated/pdf/*.pdf
dist-clean: clean
@echo "Cleaning virtualenv..."
@rm -rf python/env
@echo "Removing generated PDF files..."
@rm -f generated/pdf/*.pdf
@echo "Removing remaining untracked files..."
@echo "Removing untracked files..."
@git clean -fdx &>/dev/null
compile: dirs virtualenv
@echo "Building LaTeX document..."
@source python/env/bin/activate && $(MAKE) -C latex
@source python/env/bin/activate && $(MAKE) SHELL=$(SHELL) -C latex
copy: compile
ifdef QPDF
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